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Portrait photography,
finally for DOGS

Dog portrait limited time offer,
discounts up to 40%

This is a portrait of Kim Albarran, owner of Portrait Dog, Dog Photographer Lugano

"Are dogs not the most amazing beings?"

I firmly believe they are, for their loyalty, selflessness, and unwavering devotion to us in the purest way.


However, despite their significance, our busy lives often push them to the background, overshadowed by what we deem as more important.


In response, I have dedicated my life to putting them back in the center of attention, creating a moment just for them to express their emotions.

With my camera, I immortalize these moments, capturing their essence in a way that makes them feel proud to be in the spotlight.


Finally, they receive the recognition they truly deserve, shining under their best light and proudly displayed alongside family portraits.

In the end, these photos are a testament to the greatness of dogs and serve as a reminder of their importance in our lives.”


Kim Albarran, the phoDOGrapher

Dog portrait sessions

in Studio

Portrait of a small dog in a studio
Portrait of a small dog in a studio. Retratos de perros

At Dog Portrait, we offer a dedicated private studio for your beloved pet, allowing us to take the time necessary to ensure a comfortable and exceptional portrait session. Our ultimate goal is to capture your furry friend at their very best, while ensuring they have a fun and enjoyable experience.”

Retratos de perros

at Home

Retratos de perros
Retratos de perros

A cozy portrait session in the comfort of your own home, so that your furry friend can feel at ease in their familiar surroundings. By being in a safe and secure environment, your dog will be able to relax and enjoy the experience even more.

Portrait of a small dog in his apartment


For an adventurous twist, we offer a sporty portrait session at your dog’s favorite spot, where they can truly be in their element and let loose. Whether that means diving into the water, rolling around in the dirt, or simply running free, we welcome all forms of wild and crazy behavior.

Dog portrait packages:


Your dog at his best

Portrait of a small dog in a studio. Retratos de perros

A studio just for your little one, we take the time he needs to get comfortable and do an awesome portrait session, depending on your little one’s mood sessions lasts usually two hours, it includes:

7 beautiful digital pictures
3 Premium framed portraits (Worth CHF 240)
1 Dog Video (4k,10 bits, HDR, worth CHF 600)
Premium handmade treats during the session

CHF 1399

currently at

CHF 799



Chilled session at his safe place

Retratos de perros

A chilly portrait session, directly at your home, so your dog can feel at ease. Being in a safe place for your dog means that usually the sessions are quicker and your dog is more relaxed, it includes:

5 beautiful digital pictures

2  Framed portraits (Worth CHF 160)
1 Video portrait of your Dog (Worth CHF 400)

CHF 799

currently at

CHF 399

*Our most popular



Let his wild side fully express

A sporty portrait session, at your’s dog favorite place,being in his element we can expect things to get wild and crazy, jumping in the water, getting dirty in the dust, everything is permitted, it includes:

3 beautiful digital pictures

1 Framed portrait

CHF 349

currently at

CHF 249


Latest testimonials

dana b
dana b
Fine ritrattista Kim, molto attento ai dettagli e con uno spiccato senso artistico. Lo raccomando ai padroni degli animali, ma anche per foto ritratti delle persone. In più ragazzo di estrema gentilezza che oggi come oggi non è evidente.
Giovanni Cavaliere
Giovanni Cavaliere
Se volete fare delle foto belle al vostro cane contattatelo
Markus Mandlehr
Markus Mandlehr
Kim ist ein herausragender Fotograf der sehr freundlich auf Leute zugeht und den Personen mit gutem Charm begegnet. Es braucht mehr so tolle Menschen wie Kim auf diesem Planeten.
Alessandra Lale
Alessandra Lale
Ho conosciuto kim per caso a spasso con i miei cani. La sua simpatia ma sopratutto l'approccio di avvicinamento mi ha affascinata molto, i cani si sono sentiti subito a loro agio e loro non mentono mai. Grazie kim e mi ha fatto veramente piacere il tuo incontro.
Iana Falenciuc
Iana Falenciuc
Kim makes amazing dog photos! He is a dog lover and he know how to approach to our little friends❤️ Very professional and kind, his service is also fast and super efficient!
Francesco Padovani
Francesco Padovani
Purtroppo il mio Paco ci ha lasciato e la sua mancanza è insopportabile. Se ancora fosse con noi, avrei voluto volentieri avere una foto scattata da Kim ❤️

All our PACKAGES are covered by

"No chicken bones" warranty

We want to make the decision easy for you, so here’s the deal: Choose any package that suits you, enjoy the experience, and if you’re not completely satisfied with the delivered pictures, simply let us know and we will refund your money in full. You can even keep all the pictures.


Our most frequent questions

Bring your dogs favourite treats and toys! You can also bring anything you’d like in the photos, prop wise.  For example; sweaters, glasses, costumes, their bed, etc.).

For the REALLY floofy doggos out there, I recommend either going for a groom a couple weeks before the shoot or at least a good brush/ trim around the eyes. The eyes are the most important part of your pups face so we definitely want to be able to see them! 

Our photoshoots are completely private and in an enclosed room. Your dog will be off-leash and able to explore their surroundings to get comfortable. Once your dog has sniffed everything and anything (you know how it is!), we will introduce ourselves and start conditioning them to all of our camera gear. The we get into the fun stuff! Your dogs comfort and enjoyment is our number 1 priority! 

There is a 1 to 3 week turnaround period for edited photos – once they are finished, I will email you photos to choose. 

Yes! It’s CHF 100 for all (15) edited photos from your shoot! 

There will be no other dogs at the photoshoot and your dog will be in a safe, private, enclosed space! ​We also make sure no other dogs are crowding the door when you are ready to leave.

We ease into our photoshoots to make sure your dog is as comfortable and happy as they always should be! ​

Absolutely! You are more than welcome to get a photo with your pup at the end of the session.

Yes! A second dog is an additional CHF 100, max 2 dogs per session! 

Book directly your Dog portrait session here

You can also use this link to schedule a call if you need some more information. Looking forward to meet you both.